Welcome gratitude 4

Welcome the possibilities of a tea moment

The whole of my LIFE is a moment broken down into a myriad of moments

A possibility has not yet happened; it is grounded in an innate ability, which is waiting patiently to present itself. The whole of my LIFE is a moment broken down into a myriad of moments and I have made peace with past moments that I know I have missed. Moments like pausing just a little bit longer in the presence of my toddler instead of switching on my computer to continue my work. The moment, fleeting as it might have been, was enough and I hold on to the wise words of Maya Angelou: “You have to forgive yourself for what you did not know before you knew it.”

For the past 5 years I have slowly dipped my toes into the field of mindfulness and I realise how easy it is to do life on autopilot. And autopilot is sometimes necessary to get things done, or to simply manage through a traumatic, or even just hard experience. But even so, I cannot deny the impact of acknowleding that there is always an invitation to be in the moment. A Moment, how hard or simple it may be can present itself with a multitude of possibilities. It can affect the way I discover myself, allow myself in relationships, apply myself to my work, influence the choices I make and regulate what I say and don’t say. Feelings can arise, dreams can take shape, ideas pop up, solutions present themselves, a memory might be sparked. Understanding and compassion for myself and others might stir my heart. My body might relax and give way or start to tingle with energy and excitement, or as if from nowhere, I might feel the urge to fill my lungs with a long awaited deep breath that simply feels extremely good and necessary. I might be filled with awe at a connection that I am experiencing. Or nothing exceptionally could happen, and surprisingly that just feels right…the possibilities are endless if I simply give over to the moment.

What challenges me, is not necessarily the willingness to pause, but unlearning the autopilot, knee jerk reaction of running ahead, or dwelling in the past instead of realising I have a choice to choose and allow this Moment to lead and unfold.

And I get it, if you are a strategist, planner, love structure, are focused on outputs and outcomes and clearly always in control of every moment it is genuinely difficult to give over to the Moment and simply follow. On the other hand, if you are great at implementing, taking guidance and making things happen it is also difficult to be open to the Moment – for it is such an abstract thing to follow. But what if the welcoming of this discomfort and making the choice for the Moment, might just be exactly what we need?

I know that new intentions need perseverance, dedication and seeing that we are on the topic of being in the moment, a good dose of awareness. So if you find that there is something tugging at your heart while reading this, I invite you to try my Tea Moment practice. Together we can intentionally choose to be in the moment and patiently, with no other agenda as to give over to the Moment, allow the moment to reveal it’s possibilities as gifts to us. And this might pave the way to more and more moments where we do not miss the biggest moment, which is our Life.