Welcome gratitude

Tea time reflections: Welcome Gratitude

Maybe, Gratitude is rooted in an awakening to Grace. It is amazing, that when we are aware, there is always Grace available in every moment – even the darker moments of our life – it is there, and will gently meet us when we ask for it.

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Welcome uncertainty

Tea time reflections: Welcome Uncertainty

Today, uncertainty is almost always clouded with fear. It becomes a niggle that keeps us awake, steals our confidence and makes us hesitant and doubtful. Instead of ignoring it, let us make a cup of tea, welcome Uncertainty and see what we find.

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Welcome love 6

Tea time reflections: Welcome Love

How would love taste like? – sweet and juicy activating my senses towards joy, or maybe a more subtle sweetness with warming spices bringing my soul delight?

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Welcome gratitude 2

Tea time reflection: Welcome Wonder and be in awe

There is wonder all around and within me. In the unfolding of every day, moments of wonder can touch my inner being and leave me in awe. This month, I am welcoming Wonder. Join me as I reflect with a cup of Breathe at my side.

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Welcome gratitude 4

Welcome the possibilities of a tea moment

The whole of my LIFE is a moment broken down into a myriad of moments

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Welcome gratitude 5

Creating a tea moment

Creating a tea moment is intentionally choosing to be in a moment. Use this guide to create your own unique tea moment.

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Welcome gratitude 6

Welcome silence

Winter brings with her a reminder that Silence is part of nature. Bare trees and seeds that are patiently waiting for spring shows us that though not much is happening on the surface we can trust the work of Silence to ignite, in time that which has been nurtured.

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