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Creating a tea moment

Creating a tea moment is intentionally choosing to be in a moment. Use this guide to create your own unique tea moment.

Creating a tea moment is intentionally choosing to be in a moment and patiently, with no other agenda as to give over to the Moment, allow the Moment to reveal it’s possibilities as gifts to us. You are welcome to use this guide to create your unique tea moment.

Setting your intention

Making the choice to create a tea moment begins with setting an intention. Just briefly consider the following to help you commit to the moment you want to set for yourself. Start with a deep breath. In and out.

  • Why am I creating this moment?
  • When will be the most appropriate time to create it? ( Initially you can plan for 10 minutes )
  • Where will I create it? Let your thoughts go as to where you would like to enjoy this specific cup of tea.

Setting your intention is already a huge step closer to your tea moment and prioritises it among the many other activities of your day.

Being in your tea moment

Drinking tea engages all your senses. One becomes aware of the opening of flavour, taste and a lingering aroma. I invite you to notice what you see, feel and experience as you engage with your tea.

Notice what you see

The opening is the tea's way of introducing itself and inviting you to more. It starts when you see the different parts of the loose leaf tea, appreciating the textures and colours and the engagement of your smell with the releasing of the first flavours as you pour water over the tea leaves.

  • With intention, look at the dried tea leaves and tea ingredients. What do you notice?
  • As you pour the water over your tea leaves, see how the water slowly starts to change colour and notice the flavour that is carried by the steam.
  • Pause for a moment here, as you allow your tea to infuse, take a few deep breaths, notice and acknowledge where you are physically in this moment. How does your body feel?

Notice what you taste

Once you have taken a sip, the taste allows you to experience the flavour of the tea.

  • Try to hold the tea in your mouth for a moment, feel the heat as it cups the inside of your mouth.
  • I invite you to close your eyes and notice what flavours are awakened in your mouth.
  • Pause and notice any sensations that arise in your body as you taste your tea.

Notice what you feel

With intention swallow your tea, and notice the lingering aroma that fills your mouth and breath.

  • Pause and notice what feelings arise.
  • Acknowledge what arise without judgement.
  • Take a deep breath of gratitude and continue enjoying your tea moment.

A few tips:

  • There is no right or wrong. In the beginning your mind might be flooded with thoughts, to do lists and worries that want to take you from this moment. Simply, gently and even with a bit of humour if you can acknowledge them and move back to your tea moment.
  • Try to make a tea moment a regular part of your daily or weekly rhythm. Notice any changes in your body, mind and emotions as you engage with it.
  • Never feel guilty for creating this moment. Life is too short.