Welcome gratitude 6

Welcome silence

Winter brings with her a reminder that Silence is part of nature. Bare trees and seeds that are patiently waiting for spring shows us that though not much is happening on the surface we can trust the work of Silence to ignite, in time that which has been nurtured.

Most days I struggle to find words for what I really want to say. Writing about Silence is even harder. More words fill the silent spaces in this moment. One thing I am sure of is that Silence is a gift from my tea moments.

Recently, in these moments, I reflected on how I experience silence. Here are some thoughts.

Silence is …

The space beyond a full stop.

The waiting between a depleted exhale and the next inhale.

The crisp vast open space of a starry Karoo Winter’s night.

The moment just before a wave crashes down and re-joins the large water body of the sea.

A closed door.

A place of resting, waiting, birthing.

Daunting and inviting.

A surreal solitary moment in a crowd of people.

A tear, a smile, an embrace.

The absence of an answer.

A seed.

A safe nest for my emotions.

The mirror smooth surface of water.


A soothing companion that somehow allows me to simply be myself, naked in who I am. The more I make space for her, the more I come face to face with who I am, and somehow that is a wisdom that carries me through the noise of my World. A wisdom I want to nurture. A wisdom I need to nurture.

There are many ways to befriend Silence. I am glad that one of these is a tea moment.

Where do you encounter Silence?