Single Leaf Collection 50g

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Truest simplicity is offered through our Single Leaf Tea Collection bringing you the tea and nothing but the tea.

Our full leaf collection of Satemwa tea includes black, green and white full leaves providing a luxury tea experience. Satemwa is a 3rd generation tea farm in Malawi farming since 1923. Their farm is Fairtrade certified, UTZ certified (sustainable farming) and Rainforest Alliance Certified. Contains caffeine.

Our rich Rooibos tea is sourced from the organic farm, Jamaka in the Cederberg. Jamaka is the only certified organic citrus and mango farm in the Cederberg. Caffeine free.

Our Greenbush tea ( unfermented Rooibos tea) is sourced from the organic farm, Skimmelberg in the Cederberg. Skimmelberg is part of the Greater Cederberg Biodiversity Corridor. Caffeine free.

50g Packets

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