Chilled Brew – Iced Tea

Make a concentrate of tea using half the water but double the amount of tea leaves. E.g. for 1 L of Chilled Brew, infuse 500ml of water with 4 teaspoons of tea. Boil water and pour over the strainer containing the leaves until this is just covered. Let it stand for half an hour or more to steep into a strong concentrate. Then add 250ml cold water and ice for a delicious, healthy and sugar-free chilled brew!

If you have time – you can do a cold brew. This means adding the tea to cold water and allowing it to infuse for at least 8 hours. With a cold brew you ensure no over steeping.  This method also works well when you use green tea to make your chilled brew.

A wonderful idea is to have a jug at hand in the fridge filled with your chilled brew, and slices of any fruit you fancy. Adding sparkling water to your concentrate takes your chilled brew to a whole new level – pour into a champagne glass with a strawberry and you are set.

Keeping it chilled – tip.

When it is hot, your drink needs to be ice cold! Ice cubes works great, but also dilutes the tea considerably causing a much weaker taste. Why not use any empty 500ml bottled water bottle, fill with water and freeze overnight. Now place the frozen bottle in your pitcher along with your tea. You not only get ice cold tea without the dilution, but are reusing that plastic bottle!

Dandelion Handcrafted Teas recommended for a chilled brew: Mzansi Summer, Chill Bill, Naartjie Pekoe, Roseberry, Calming Chamomile and Buchu, Good to Go!