Dandelion creates delicious, additive–free, all natural loose leaf tea and herbal blends to delight the senses. Our blends are naturally flavoured with dried fruit, flowers, herbs and spices. Since 2017, Hilke Erasmus, has been developing tea blends, processing most of the fruit and mixing the final ingredients by hand, creating unique, healthy, high end teas. Every effort is made to choose organic , local ( when available)  ingredients and being mindful of our impact on the environment which influences our choice of packaging ( using a PLA inner bag and the box is FSC certified - made from 85% sustainably resourced paper).

May you be blessed with connections when drinking tea.

Connect to nature: Mother Nature offers us a basket of tea ingredients filled with pure goodness. Be grateful for this gift and mindful of the positive impact you can have on each other.

Connect to self: A cup of tea is a sensory journey: seeing, smelling, tasting and sensing the lingering aroma after every sip. Whether you need a pick me up, comfort and peace, time to reflect or support in your health, a me-time cup is a beautiful gift to yourself. 

Connect to others: Sharing a pot of tea sets the stage for meaningful conversations and celebrating life in all it brings. So go on: invite, share, connect.